Steel Construction

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What’s the steel Construction?

All of elements of the steel bearer has produce suitable to it’s quality process at factory and have send to construction area. Steel can be produced and shaped how the designers imagine. And, steel has lower costs to the ecology against other materials because it’s a raw material that cans recyclable 100percent. In the other hand, the bearer parts of the steel construction are smaller than the ferroconcrete constructions about 40-60 percent. With this specialty, steel constructions have more durability than ferroconcrete constructions.

Why steel Construction?Steel construction has been using commonly, especially the places that against the risk of earthquake, for it’s easy applicability and advantages of using. Because, steel constructions are more durable than ferroconcrete constructions and it’s easier to repair and development.
  • More Resistance To Earthquake
  • More Secure and Strong
  • Easy and Short Timed Installation
  • *If Produce For Installation with Bolts, It Can Be Demount And Mount At Somewhere Else
  • Don’t Harm Environment
  • In Every Point of Steel Construction Has The Same Specialty Against Ferroconcrete Constructions
  • Economic
  • Long Life Time
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